hot stuff or how it´s made

For you we provide a variety of possibilities to get a glass dome. Whether it´s round – oval – or square shaped we are able to offer all feasable shapes and sizes. We make the glass domes taylormade for you we are able to offer it off the shelf or as a standard sized glass dome.
We are able to offer fitting bases as well.

taylor made glass domes


do you need a glass dome to an existing base? Please send us an exact drawing or better the original base. For an offer we would need the inner and outer measurements of the groove or the stand of the base.

wooden mould

…to manufacture a glass dome fitting to your base we have to make a wooden mould…


…the glass maker blows the hot and flexible glass mass into this mould…

fitting to your base

… to get a glass dome fitting to your base

Please note in some cases it ´s necessary to modify the groove or stand of your base. Primarly at  narrow grooves. Tolerances while blowing the hot and liquid glass mass are not avoidable.

Taylormade glass dome made from an existing mould

glass dome moulds on stock

glass dome on stock
for you we provide a huge number of glass dome moulds. We try to find a mould on stock…

blowing the glass dome

glass dome maker
…an blow a fitting dome…


glass domes bases
together with a new base…. perfect!

glass domes from stock

glass domes on stock

glass domes on stock
let´s look for a glass dome on stock, we provide approximately 300 domes

standard sizes

glass dome_shape
try to find a fitting dome from our list of standard sized glass domes

new base

glass dome
and get your perfect dome together with a new base